Sunday, November 22, 2009


what a good week. It is amazing the difference that can take place inside oneself in a day,hour,or even in a moment. The previous few weeks had been rough for my relationship with my wife. I hadn't been making bad choices but just as importantly I hadnt been doing daily things to show that I want to recover and prove to my wife that I am serious about not falling back into old habits which always lead me back to my addictions.
So throught a serious of fights with the wife, lessons at church and a powerful fireside by Dan Gray I had an amazing change of heart. I awoke to a pupose of my being and had a overwhelming desire to take on my weakness. Like in the fireside I want to awake the warrior with-in and surrender myself to God. I always thought that meant becoming someone else but in really means becoming someone more. I want to be more. I am going to show my God and my family that I am done letting satan get his chains around me I am ready to fight. I know now what that means. It is a battle and If I am going to win it will only be with relying on the General that can never lose and has the knowledge of the battle before they even take place. How powerful is that knowledge

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